A new organ for Grace Anglican Church Sutton

After 76 services on Zoom, the reopening of Grace Anglican Church Sutton coincides with the delivery of a new organ. Financed by numerous generous donations, an Ecclesia T-170 organ from Johannus in the Netherlands was recently installed by Millbank Music in New Brunswick with a 20 year guarantee.
This is a digital organ specifically designed for church use and, equipped with multiple amplifiers, speakers and a woofer, is powerful enough to fill every nook and cranny with rousing pipe organ music.
With its two manuals, a full pedal board, 26 speaking stops and multiple options, it offers versatility for all levels of players, so any organist can choose an appropriate registration he or she needs, whether it be accompanying hymns or a full-scale recital. A dream come true for any church organist, in Grace Church’s case, this is Sarah Hoblyn, the resident organist, who is learning the intricacies of the instrument and the use of her feet, having been unable to play on a real organ for about 18 months!
This event opens up a whole new era of the music for Grace Church and will add support to the planned future streaming of services from the church, the necessary equipment being currently installed. With an active congregation under the leadership of Archdeacon Tim Smart and the Rev. Tyson Røsberg this is a church community that is very much alive and moving forward.
For more information, refer to www.gracechurchsutton.org

Submitted by John Hoblyn

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